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Those I worked with

Therapy with Adam has changed my life for the better. It’s allowed me to think about and approach situations differently. I now have confidence in setting boundaries and making choices about difficult situations. I trust my own decisions in a way that I didn’t ever before. Adam is a really calming, warm and friendly personality. He put me at ease and I felt comfortable letting him in and sharing quite a complicated time in my life. He’s not afraid to challenge your thinking and bring a new perspective. He makes sure the session stays on you and I was always heartened when he’d remember a detail I’d told him in the past - he’s clearly invested in what he does and in your story. Something that really impressed me was Adam’s constant desire to learn. He’s always reading and learning which brings a wisdom to his counselling and he’s clearly so passionate about it. Adam, thank you. I wish I had more words than that but thank you.

I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have found Adam as my therapist. I really do feel so much healthier than I was a few years ago when we started having sessions. Although I have my ups and downs, I now know that it’s ok, that I can trust this world again. I have Adam to thank for that. His compassion, humour and skills as a therapist are a blessing.

I had an incredibly positive experience with Adam. His compassionate approach and insightful guidance were instrumental in addressing my issues and intrusive thoughts. 


Adam's commitment to helping me find peace made each session valuable and transformative. I highly recommend his expertise for anyone seeking genuine support on their journey to mental well-being.






Adam makes time to discuss the normal day to day, creating a relaxed atmosphere. Often, I found these discussions led me to bring up subjects that I hadn't considered as important to the session, but in being given the space to speak openly I uncovered parts of myself I hadn't looked at in years. The resulting clarity, and sense of self-reflection only solidified my trust in the process of this therapy. The weeks following became easier as I approached each session as a chance to simply explore myself, and often the connections between certain areas became clear and connected, refining my view of myself


Adam has been a tremendous help. Over our sessions he has helped me recognise my thought patterns and behavioural tendancies which used to lead to some very unhealthy habits. Working through all these, I have become much more at peace with myself and have started on a trend of gaining healthier habits and my original issues are hopefully now a vestiage of past-me. Adam's approach is very professional and compassionate. He was able to offer insights and advice on how to regard my thoughts and behaviours which has been a tremendous help. Drawing on the findings of Gabor Maté and Richard Schwartz, Adam was able to help me see my issues in a new light and this outside perspective was invaluable in my recovery process.

Adam is knowledgeable, kind and professional. In a very short amount of time, he has really helped me. He listens with compassion, understands deeply and is able to guide and help me find my way. I highly recommend him.

Compassionately Curious Counselling provided immediate comfort, and space, to be fully open through taking place outside. The therapy began with a polite "How's it going?", and like the forest surrounding us it followed a natural path towards the main points of the day's session. Adam would offer all the space to vent my thoughts, feelings, and perspective, and only interjected to turn awareness on to the language I used, or to question the origins of a belief. These moments snapped me out of habitual patterns of thinking and created space for me to observe, and analyse them as separate to myself. 

There was a nice balance in the sessions being person led and guided - Adam would often check in with where I wanted the session to go and if it was apparent that things were becoming difficult to talk about he would check in on continuing -this is something that was so critical and missing from previous experiences. 


When I tell people about my experiences of therapy now, I often talk about how I came away from sessions feeling so much lighter. I had a better understanding of myself and the circumstances around me and because of that I was able to have more compassion and grace towards those things.


Adam was a key part of that, I can’t recommend him enough. 


Generally I just really appreciated your approach, your calm nature and the way you listened and gave space for all the emotions. The tips you gave were practical and achievable.

Adam seems to fully understand my therapy needs, and is flexible , empathic without being condescending, and also structured and focused. Very happy with my choice of therapist. I would advise anyone to do their own reading of profiles and therapist's background before accepting a "therapist match" provided at start. I did so and very happy with outcome so far.

I did appreciate that you honoured time. Whether it was the time slotted, my time, etc. Your ability to make space when suited was helpful, even when sessions went to a different topic that previously decided. You're easy to get on well with, approachable and very relatable.

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