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What can I offer you
I advocate a try it before you buy it approach

      Office based Counselling
50 minutes


Offering a peaceful and and more conventional counselling setting in Coleraine.

You will be welcomed within a peaceful and calm space to support our therapeutic relationship.

Our counselling sessions take place in an environment that's perfect for those who prefer a more traditional approach.

While online or walking therapy suits some individuals, I understand that others prefer in-person sessions.


Walking Therapy Session
50 minutes


Walking Therapy can be particularly useful for individuals who may feel anxious or uncomfortable in the traditional one-on-one session environment, with the added bonus of reducing the potential intensity of eye contact that may make some people uncomfortable during therapeutic work.

Additionally, walking alongside one another in therapy sessions fosters a greater sense of partnership and equality between the yourself and I.

The integration of outdoor sessions into traditional therapy is an innovative approach that is gaining traction in modern counselling methods.


Walk and talk therapy can be especially beneficial for those who feel they thrive better in nature and don't have the opportunity to experience it often.


Computer Software Guidance

Online Counselling
50 minutes


Online counselling services provide a range of communication channels, ranging from telephone to video calls, while ensuring the same level of confidentiality and support as in-person sessions.


Online counselling has grown rapidly in
popularity allowing clients to have lower wait times for sessions and
offers convenience to those people with very busy everyday lives”

The availability of online counselling has enabled me to collaborate with individuals from diverse locations, including Ireland, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Europe and the United States.


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